EDT.Community Seminar Series

Digital twins are an emerging concept with the potential for revolutionising the way we interact with the physical world, e.g., consider Industry 4.0 or Society 5.0.

Digital Twins unify models and data to study and understand physical phenomena and the behaviour of people, traffic, etc.

EDTCommunity is a seminar series about the foundations and the engineering of digital twins. The seminar series is expected to bring together researchers and practitioners, from both academia and industry, to share experiences, challenges, and novel research in the engineering and modeling of digital twins. The seminar is interested in contributions from a broad range of application domains.

Goal of the Series

Bringing people from academia and industry together to set up the community, and share knowledge on the applications and the engineering of digital twins. The main goals of the seminar series include the creation of a common understanding and vocabulary on the (engineering of) Digital Twins, and the definition of the research landscape.


bi-weeky, every other week, online event of 1 hour.

Target Audience

Researchers, PhD candidates, and practitioners working with and on digital twins.


Primarily talks of 40 minutes plus QAs, but also panels and discussions. 

Presentations will be recorded and made available on-line unless requested otherwise by the speaker.