Enterprise Digital Twins

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Enterprise Digital Twins

Vinay Kulkarni
Tata Consultancy Services Research

Enterprises are fast evolving into complex system of systems that need to operate in a dynamic uncertain world characterised by unprecedented changes and partial information. Thus, decision-making in the face of uncertainty is arguably one of the most critical need that’s felt universally. Current practice that relies solely on human experts and/or past data is turning out to be inadequate. Enterprise Digital Twins (EDT) offer a simulation-based data-driven justification-backed approach to decision-making in the face of uncertainty. The talk will motivate the need, survey the state of art, propose a line of attack, discuss how it has fared so far across multiple domains, and what more seems required thus highlighting open research challenges.

Speaker bio: Vinay Kulkarni is Distinguished Chief Scientist at TCS Research where he heads Software Systems & Services research. His research interests include enterprise digital twins, learning-native software systems, multi agent systems, model-driven software engineering, and enterprise modelling. At present, exploring feasibility of future proofing enterprises by integrating modelling, AI, and control theory to support dynamic adaptation using digital twins. Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering, Vinay is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Madras and serves as Visiting Professor at Middlesex University London, Aston University Birmingham, and Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur.