Digital Twin, a world of possibilities – Pierre-Jean Riviere (Airbus)

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Digital Twin, a world of possibilities

Pierre-Jean Riviere

How can digital twins support the development of new programmes along the life cycle?
The concept of digital twin requires a combination of models and data with different sources of technologies and heterogeneous data along the lifecycle. What would be the usage of this concept for Airbus? How can we structure it ? What are the challenges of the implementation in large companies with a strong legacy environment?

Speaker bio: Pierre-Jean is the Airbus leader in digital twin solutions. As key element of the Airbus digital transformation program called DDMS (Digital Design Manufacturing Services),   the digital twin concept applied to the three main system of interest; the product, the industrial system and the support in service, will be the instrumental to ensure much better integrated solution during the co-development phase but also to support operations.
During 15 years, entrepreneur and creative Pierre-Jean developed his own company for a better passenger experience in the aerospace industry using computer vision technology.
Within the Airbus company, he contributed to the deployment of the IoT and mixed reality to enhance daily operations and provide transparency in a collaborative manner.
Today, he defines the trajectory and  a common approach for Digital Twins (Product, Industrial and Service) between Airbus divisions to make timely decisions for optimisation and anticipation, during the products’ life cycle.