Digital Twins for Digital Engineering

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Digital Twins for Digital Engineering

Julien Schmaltz
ICT Group


Digital Twins together with Machine Learning and Edge Computing will deeply change the way we will build flexible manufacturing systems, such as lithography machines or electron microscopes. Within the ICT Group Centre of Excellence and together with universities, clients and partners, we are developing methods and tools to support and accelerate this revolution. Our vision is that we would learn complex control software using a digital twin and safely deploy the learned algorithm on the edge.  We would like to share our experiences and the many challenges that need to be addressed before this vision can be realised.

Speaker bio: Julien Schmaltz is principal consultant at ICT Group where he is guiding customers in the digitalization of their software engineering process. He holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Grenoble, France. Before joining ICT, he was associate professor in computer science at Eindhoven University of Technology where he conducted research and education in the field of model driven engineering with applications to hardware and software systems. In cooperation with universities, he is actively engaged in facilitating the transfer of technology created by academic research to the market through cooperation with students and spin-off companies.