Physics Aware Digital Twin

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Physics Aware Digital Twin

Digital Twins incorporating physics simulations are a game changer for development of complex mechatronic systems, in all parts of the product life cycle. However, few can say that they use physics simulation for more than a few isolated use cases. To make things worse, completely different models and simulation tools are used for different tasks. To solve this, Algoryx Simulation develops a multiphysics simulation engine, AGX Dynamics, and BRICK, aiming to become a physics modeling standard.

AGX Dynamics has been developed and used by the industry for the last 16 years. It has served as the backbone in hundreds of simulations for development, training and research – engineering solutions where accuracy and computational speed are vital. It is available as an API or, more popular today, as integrations to game engines such as Unity or Unreal, for easier setup of a Digital Twin system with interactions, simulations and visualizations.

CAD models usually define the industrial products of our partners and users. There is however no format to consistently describe the simulation models. Therefore we are developing BRICK, which allows for building hierarchical physics model definitions, with bindings to control signals and references to external formats instead of translations of them.

In this presentation we will present project solutions from the mining industry, and show features and possibilities that BRICK enables together with AGX Dynamics, which enhances Digital Twins with the benefits of dynamic system simulations.

Fredrik Nordfeldth
Algoryx Simulation

Speaker bio: Principal R&D Engineer at Algoryx. Master’s degree in Engineering Physics,  Umeå University. 15+ years of experience with development and modeling of engineering simulations for industrial applications and simulators. Involved in the I.AM 2020 Horizon project.Currently working on BRICK, a language for defining extendable schemas.
The goal is to develop a new standard for simulation models. Domain specific formats for i.e. robots and heavy machines, can be defined using a common ground for physics modeling. This allows for Digital Twins with combinations of multiple domains.

Joakim Mörk
Algoryx Simulation

Speaker bio: Senior R&D Engineer at Algoryx. Master’s degree in Engineering Physics, Umeå University. Project manager and senior developer for multiple commercial and research projects on physics aware heavy machinery, primarily in the mining sector. Currently working on enhancing machine automation for drill rigs to reach the not so distant goal of full machine autonomy, using fully articulated simulated machines and LIDAR simulation for virtual prototyping of next generation control systems that autonomously adapt drill plans when circumstances change.

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