Towards Sustainable Systems: Paving the Way with Digital Twins

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Towards Sustainable Systems: Paving the Way with Digital Twins

Judith Michael
RWTH Aachen

Digital twins enable us to support the lifetime of complex cyber-physical systems (CPS) by combining models created during CPS engineering with data and models captured during CPS runtime. By connecting models with reality and real data, we can more easily assess the sustainability of complex, software-intensive systems. Realizing such approaches requires us to investigate economic, environmental, technical and social sustainability and consider their integration in digital twin models and services. In my talk, I will focus on our research on engineering digital twins for sustainability assessment of software systems and CPS using model-driven software engineering and software language engineering methods.
The talk is based on our current research within the German Cluster of Excellence “Internet of Production” (, the DFG/ANR project Model-Based DevOps (MBDO) ( as well as upcoming research initiatives (

Speaker bio: Judith Michael is a PostDoc and team leader at the Software Engineering chair of Prof. Bernhard Rumpe at RWTH Aachen University (Germany), a member of the supervisory board of the Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH (Austria), and a member of the executive committee of the German Informatics Society. Her research interests are software language engineering, the engineering of digital twins, and the model-driven software engineering of information and assistive systems. She received her PhD in Computer Science from Universität Klagenfurt (Austria) in 2014. She was a visiting researcher at KIT (Germany), Western Sydney University (Australia), and Monash University (Australia). Find more about her at

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