Will models make a comeback in the DevOps SDLC ?

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Will models make a comeback in the DevOps SDLC ?

Patrick Debois
Labs Researcher at Snyk

Abstract: 20+ years ago models and specifications ruled the IT world.
Gradually over time they lost value, interest and we worked around not having the perfect model.
In recent years, devops has brought the silos closer together and really worked on improving the flow between different groups

In this talk we will:
– take you through the current modern dev(sec)ops SDLC process roles
– highlight where models (still) fit in the process and how we got there
– how we are working on connecting the individual silo models to increase insights and reduce duplication of models
– take an even more holistic/systemic bringing in non-IT functions such as marketing , hr and finance in the mix
– connect the “models” in the flow to production and back and highlight where more work needs to be done.

In the discussion part, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how this fits your mental model of a digital twin and working with models.

Speaker bio: In order to understand current IT organizations, Patrick has taken a habit of changing both his consultancy role and the domain which he works in: sometimes as a developer, manager, sysadmin, tester and even as the customer. Today Patrick is a Labs Researcher and Advisor at Snyk. He is also a co-author of “The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations” with Gene Kim, John Willis, and Jez Humble. He first presented concepts on Agile Infrastructure at Agile 2008 in Toronto, and in 2009 he organized the first DevOpsDays. Since then he has been promoting the notion of ‘devops’ to exchange ideas between these groups and show how they can help each other to achieve better results in business.